Amin Davaie
Here, is a maximum of two thousand meters above sea level


7-12, October 2011 | Mohsen Gallery | Tehran


As we confined the free water for the first time for any reason , a place emerged that we could mark it as a pool. Therefore the conspicuous difference between the free waters and the pool is the confinement. And this is the point that creates sufficient visual attractions to contemplate deep on the pool. That’s obvious when we contemplate on confinements, instinctively we will deal the term of ” POWER”.

Each location can create different settings according to the environmental conditions.
Jumping is a word that is related to an experience which has some element of choice in it.
But sometimes we are thrown and this is not necessarily related to a specific location.
Being thrown is a completely compulsive act and it is the thrower’s mistake to assume that he is giving a sense of meaning to the location.
Ultimately, the one who is thrown is the subject of that state and he is the one who changes the concept of location in favor of his own idea.
Amir.h Bayani

Edit : Behrooz Moshari
Music: Arash Salehi