Amin Davaie
I feel her stare

Interactive Installation

The 2nd Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition [TADAEX]
8-28, July 2012 | Mohsen Gallery | Tehran

I feel her stare / نگاه خیره اش را حس میکنم from amin davaie on Vimeo.


The reality of every phenomenon is certainly beyond its appearance. In other words, truth cannot be sighted at first, because truth hides itself behind a deceptive fake reality. This secret -this reality- is not revealed unless trust comes to the picture .Trust is what allows dialogs communication to occur and relationships will not deepen if trust starts fading away.

Special thanks to:
Ehsan Rasoulof, Saeed Ravanbakhsh, Arman Jafari, Siavash Yazdanmehr

Saman R.Tehrani
Mohsen Khaki