Amin Davaie
There is nothing left to say

Video Installation

Iranian Garden
2011 | Austrian Residency | Tehran

There is nothing left to say || دیگر چیزی برای تعریف کردن باقی نمانده است from amin davaie on Vimeo.


We, as Iranians, are living in a time that above all thing, we seek our lost identities. Our  restless actions in the past year has made us complex beings that manifest themselves in a contemporary style. Aside from the exotic qualities of the Iranian art, the Iranian contemporary will be ineffaceable from the history . For this particular reason we purposed to narrate parts of our memories of the Iranian garden , not by reparation but by recreating it in a form of  a contemporary feast .In order to move upward , we have to start from the bottom. but this time we want to start from the top and reach the bottom. Rather than repairing the wall. we aim to break it down. Let’s sing the anthem of our current nostalgia  among these ruins. And as we can’t sing an anthem alone, Lets join and sing it all together.
Sara Reyhani